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new products
new ideas
new business

​We know how to introduce your new products to your customers and how to check new ideas among them in control groups.


We are masters in well targeted newsletters with highly personalized content improving regular sales goals as well as up & cross selling of your products.

We met already a lot of new business, which grew with us and became well-known on the market thanks to wise listening of customer's needs.



We are well experienced in omnichannel strategies of retail and e-commerce companies


We helped a lot of them going from offline to online market or opposite.


We are focused on goals and targets of our clients, verifying existing solutions, applying needed improvements and looking for new, efficient opportunities.


We are wizards of omnichannel marketing and proper customer relationship management.


We help companies to manage their messages content depending on target groups and client types.


We are always putting ourselves in client's place to make sure that we understand your needs and the way you act in different media.

account management

We love data and we love to analyze it. Understanding its sources, structures and usage in all communication channels is our passion!


We are making precise audit providing easy to apply solutions, helping to improve automation in communication.


We have a lot of experience in account management and always cooperate using agile methodology in a simple way and on simple solutions, most suitable for our clients.

increasing incomes

We have international experience achieved through cooperation or partnership with many French, Spanish, German, Swedish, Swiss, Czech and Polish companies.

We managed a lot of integrations between new & existing solutions helping companies to increase their business incomes and happiness of their clients.

We are very imaginative and interactive, not staying in one place, but always looking for new ideas for clients and ourselves to manage cooperation in the most rewarding way on both sides.

shops & stores
social media

​We are proficient in building strategies for shops and stores in different channels of communication.


We are experts in applying multistage scenarios complementing email campaigns with personalized SMS.


We do it all, using deep and wide segmentation of your databases filled with information about your customers and their social media activities.

customer engagement
crm & cem

We are consulting experts in customer relationship management in the broadest sense, making sure, that your communication is reaching all your clients in creative and effective way.

We make sure that all data connections between your company's solutions are integrated in the right way to let data flow between them and provide your clients proper information, products and solutions to make them fully satisfied.

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data audit

We're verifying what kind of data are you gathering or could be gathering from different sources. Where does it come from, how does it look like, what does it contain and what should it be?

solutions verification

We're checking which solutions you are using to gather data from & about your clients. We're also taking a look on how do you push out any type of communication to your customers such as email, SMS or printed materials.

integrations & flow between

​We're analyzing flow of the data inside & outside your organization. We're checking integrations between used solutions and if you're wisely creating 360° profiles of your customers to know them better.

target groups used in communication 

We're discovering what kind of target groups do you use in your omnichannel marketing and who you should consider as your stars or cash cows. We're building unknown groups and getting rid of inactive contacts. 

content of all message types

We're reviewing used messages content and trying to define new, more interesting for your clients basing on their behavior and statistics. We're adding personalized content using your data from different sources and showing how to follow client's needs.

customer journeys in every channel

We're checking communication paths you're using and how do you manage its scenarios. We're verifying every step of customer journeys and parallel communication to fix it, improve it and enhance it. We're applying automation from welcome messages to wake-up campaigns to increase your sales!

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